If you have trouble emptying your breast, apply warm compresses to the breast or take a warm shower before breast-feeding ||Exclusive breastfeeding for at least 6 months is the best prevention of food allergies ||Toddler's appetite may change almost daily. Let her be the judge of how much she needs and wants to eat. ||Preservatives, fragrances, harsh soap, rough fabric, sweat, and stress can be potential irritants for babies suffering from eczema ||Sleep sacks and sufficient layers of clothing are safe alternatives to blankets for children less than six months of age ||By rising the temperature, the body can stop a virus's ability to grow. That's why we get fevers ||To help your kid stand up to negative peer pressure, encourage him to talk, use role playing with him, get to know the parents of your child's friends and finally deal with your own peer pressure. ||Don’t rush into solving your kid's problems. Give him the chance to conclude, all on his own, that things are going to be okay. ||Breastfeeding releases Oxytocin which causes contractions of the uterus, helping to stop hemorrhage and initiating weight loss ||Look for early signs of hunger, such as stirring and stretching, sucking motions and lip movements. Fussing and crying are later cues ||
Working / Partnering with us

Licensed Pediatricians in Private Practice:

A. Office support:
If you are a practicing pediatrician and need an electronic data base for your patients (to avoid the drawbacks of the paper files) that is easily accessible and protected (to avoid computer crashes) and to upgrade your patients service with automatic reminders, please contact us.

B. Continuous support:
If you are a practicing Pediatrician looking for a service to answer your patients calls and/or to support your practice outside your working hours (nights, vacations, ..etc), please do not hesitate to contact us. 
When you are back, you can, if you want, receive a full report of all calls and visits made by your patients so that you can continue with your follow-up. We can also arrange a protocol which determines when we need to call you immediately. This way, you can always be sure that your patients are well taken care of.

C. Franchise support:
In areas outside our current clinic reach, in addition to what has been previously discussed, we are interested in arranging a franchise program for MyChild guide as a win-win agreement for both parties. The essential component of this agreement would be the assurance of the MyChild guide proprietary standardized pediatric high quality care for children.

Media and Knowledge Partners
At MyChild guide, we believe that knowledge is power. The provision of timely updated data to parents may greatly upgrade their children's care. We research interesting and relevant pediatric topics daily. In addition to daily and weekly tips service (by email or sms), we publish articles regularly on our website. Topics include recent revelations in international pediatric care, commonly asked questions by parents and caretakers at our call center, ..etc 
If you would like to publish our copy righted articles, join us in researching interesting topics, or if you are currently doing research that can be relevant to us, kindly contact us.

Insurance Companies
MyChild guide provides general and special pediatric medical services through its licensed and experienced doctors. Our clients appreciate our standardized professional and efficient services. We are ready to arrange with you a possible cooperation of our teams for the benefit of the children. 

Educational Institutions
MyChild guide provides its services to schools, kindergartens, and nurseries. These services include regular timely check ups, on-call advice for emergencies, provision of training and advice to educational and medical staff (periodically and/or in the presence of any concerns e.g. disease outbreaks). Our check-ups are recorded in the electronic health records of the children, accessible to parents and to the facility management 24/7. Parents are encouraged to communicate their concerns in written before the check up, so that it can be specifically addressed. All findings of the well check-up are documented and the reports are sent to the parents afterwards. If there were specific concerns raised, specific comments are provided. If required, parents are also called.
If you believe that there is an opportunity for us to work together, please do not hesitate to contact us

Working with us
MyChild guide includes a growing group of health care professionals who provide standardized pediatric high quality health care. We are currently operating in Al Sheikh Zayed, Mohandessin and 5th settlement (Tagamo). It is our aim to expand all over the middle east. We have many We are always looking for talented, committed, hard-working inpiduals with excellent communication skills to join our team. We provide a collegial work environment, excellent standardized training, and attractive compensation.

If you are an experienced and licensed Pediatrician, with a desire to provide health care at a new level and are interested in working for MyChild guide, we would be pleased to review your application. A short e-mail explaining your motivations for applying and why you believe yourself to be a good addition to the MyChild guide team with your CV attached. Please include “Application” in the subject of your e-mail and your contact information. We will review your messageand get back to you in a timely fashion.

The job description for our medical doctor position is shown below

Job Title

Medical Doctor (male/female)



Job Content

Conduct standardized phone consultations.
Case documentation/follow up support.

Support business development
Support organizational development

Conduct Clinic/ house calls

Working Hours


Operation Support provided

by My Childguide

Mobile communication equipment
Medical equipment during working hours
Call center support during working hours
Operations support during working hours
100% of costs for approved trainings
Membership in medical online resources
Reporting Line Medical Manager (functional)
Operations Director (administrative)
Medical Requirement Licensed medical doctor in A.R.E.
Minimum 3 years experience.
Masters degree in Pediatrics.
Other certifications/affiliations are a plu
Other Requirements

Willing to learn and develop
Willing to deliver standard quality service
Effective communication skills
Solid medical know-how and expertise
Self confidence
Patient focused attitude
Critical analysis capability
Very good English/Arabic

Other languages are a plus


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what are the vaccinations that he should have taken until now?
Generate a report for my baby.
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