The more you help your toddler put his feelings into words (“I’m mad. I want the truck.” “I’m sad. I can’t find my bear.”), the less they will show aggressive behaviour. ||Toddler's appetite may change almost daily. Let her be the judge of how much she needs and wants to eat. ||Your toddler may be clumsy simply due to her trials to master so many new physical skills at the same time. The more active she is, the more likely she will drop things, run into things, or fall down. ||Contact the doctor if your newborn isn't gaining weight, wets fewer than six diapers a day or shows little interest in feedings ||Preservatives, fragrances, harsh soap, rough fabric, sweat, and stress can be potential irritants for babies suffering from eczema ||A great deal of body heat is lost through a bare head, so make sure your baby wears a hat if she will be in a cold environment ||Use a firm mattress and avoid placing your baby on thick, fluffy padding that may interfere with breathing if your baby's face presses against it ||Look for early signs of hunger, such as stirring and stretching, sucking motions and lip movements. Fussing and crying are later cues ||Sleep sacks and sufficient layers of clothing are safe alternatives to blankets for children less than six months of age ||When giving suspension or liquid medicines, use the dosage cup enclosed in the package or a syringe ||
Developmental Stimulation of Normal Children

The more quality time (focusing on your child) you spend with your child the better it is for him.
1.    Hold your baby as much as possible. Touching, cuddling, eye contact, smiles and affection is good for your baby. Feedings are an opportunity for these warm personal interactions. Your baby will not get used to holding until he is at least 4 months and even then you can consistent about times to hold and times not: he will acquire you rules.
2.    Talk to your baby. This should start even before birth. All babies enjoy being talked and sung to. Babies must first hear language before they can use it. There is no best script - just put into words whatever you are thinking and feeling.
3.    Play with your baby. Try to loosen up and rediscover your free spirit. Respond to your baby's attempts to initiate play. Provide your baby with various objects of interest. Toys need not be expensive but have to be safe, for example, homemade mobiles, rattles, spools, pots and pans, and boxes. Insure toys are large enough not to be swallowed by your baby. Encourage your baby's efforts at discovering how to use his hands and mind.
4.    Show your baby the world. Enrich his experience and your interaction with him. Point out everything people, cars, colors, clouds and stars. Help your toddler describe what he sees or experiences. Everything we see or do has a name.
5.    Read to your baby. Stories enable you to enrich your interaction with your baby. Even 3-month-olds enjoy looking at pictures. Look at the family photo album. By 6 months of age, begin reading stories to your child.
6.    Provide your child with social experiences with other children by age 2 years. Day care is appropriate, a good nursery would have an adult to children ratio 1:4-5. Consider going to the club or to your relatives. By the age of 2 years, young children are ready to learn from each other, especially how to get along with other people.
7.    The age to start formal teaching is not established, many would delay it until age 4 or 5. The effort to create "super kids" through special lessons, drills, computer programs, and classes has not proven successful. Creative play and spontaneous learning facilitated by an intersted adult towards the child's particular interests is much more beneficial during the early years.

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