The pacifier’s guard or shield should have ventilation holes so the baby can breathe if the shield does get into the mouth ||During the day, don't try to catch up on chores while the baby sleeps. Lie down and rest ||2- Breastfeeding your new baby ...Breast milk provides all the nutrients that babies need for the first six months of their life and guards against many illnesses and allergies. Also, breastfeeding can help build a special closeness with your baby. Breastfeeding is one of the best things you can do for your baby. ||The most important thing on growth curves is how your baby grows over time. If he's small but growing at the appropriate rate, there's usually no cause for concern. ||Reading aloud will help your baby be a better reader when she's older ||Infant constipation is the passage of hard, dry bowel movements — not necessarily the absence of daily bowel movements ||By rising the temperature, the body can stop a virus's ability to grow. That's why we get fevers ||Don't let your baby nap in the car seat after you're home as a substitute for crib since it's harder for young babies to breathe in that position ||Children who gain weight quickly during their first six months are more likely to be obese or at risk of obesity by age 3 ||Exclusive breastfeeding for at least 6 months is the best prevention of food allergies ||
8 surprising reasons your child is crying
8 surprising reasons your child is crying
The Clothes,At the first sign of coldness we tend to cover our children with the maximum amount of clothes which unsurprisingly causes the babies to be cranky from the heat and the sweat.Solution: Dress your baby in the same number of layers as you're wearing.

The Parents,

Babies don't understand the difference between an argument or a heated discussion and a fight, Kids feel the tension and they get anxious and feel insecure

Discussions will never stop of course but we can do them in a low toned voice to create a soothing environment and save the higher tones of voice till the baby is asleep

The place,Too much noise, movement, or bright light like the ones at the mall, a crowded coffee shop, or a family party  can drive a baby to tears.Solution: Every child has a different breaking point, so pay close attention to how your baby handles commotion. Keep visits to busy stores short, eat at restaurants in the off-hours (when they're quieter). Also schedule some quiet time after an outing so your revved-up child can settle down.

The tummy,
There's no shortage of reasons why your baby might have stomach discomfort. He could have a painful buildup of gas. He might be constipated. Formula-fed babies can develop a milk sensitivity or a milk allergy, both of which can cause cramps Or your child could have reflux, in which food contents from the stomach splash back into the esophagus.

First try burping your baby more often. You can also reduce gas by massaging his tummy gently or pedaling his legs. For bottle-fed babies, switch to a low-flow nipple so your child swallows less air when he drinks. Don't panic if your baby spits up on occasion, but speak to your doctor if the symptoms become chronic or your child seems in distress.

The skin,
Your baby could have a hair or a loose thread wrapped around her toe or finger, cutting off the circulation and causing pain and swelling. It's more common than many parents realize. Other possibilities: Your baby's skin is irritated by a label or a zipper, or the car-seat belt or stroller straps are chafing her.

Undress your baby, and inspect her toes and fingers. If you find a hair, try unwrapping it, cutting it with little scissors.

Between 6 and 9 months, your baby will learn that he's a separate being from you, which is good. But he may start to cry as soon as you leave the room because he misses you. Which is good -- and bad.

t's fine to leave your baby in an activity center so you can do shores. But if you notice this momentary separation is triggering a meltdown, stop what you're doing and show him a little love. Sometimes just seeing you or being cuddled will stop the tears. A gentle massage or some light pats on the back will also help reassure him that when you go away, you'll always come back. And comfort yourself that he outgrow this anxiety by 15 monthsHunger,You have just fed your baby an hour ago, so you're sure it's not time for another meal. but if she's going through a growth spurt,  she might actually be hungry. These spurts typically occur at 2, 3, and 6 weeks, and at 3 and 6 months, and they last about two days but of course one might happen at any time.
Is your baby really hungry? The best test is to put her in the stroller or a sling and go for a walk. If she falls asleep or calms down quickly, she doesn't need food. But if she continues to scream offer her a breast or a bottle.

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