Make sure your baby wears a hat if she will be in a cold environment ||Contact the doctor if your newborn isn't gaining weight, wets fewer than six diapers a day or shows little interest in feedings ||As a new baby mother who has to breast feed you should make sure that you drink lots of water ... Make a habit out of drinking a glass of water every time you feed your baby. This will ensure that you are getting your water, and help your body produce enough milk. ||It’s never too early to read for your child ||Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently. It’s not the type of soap that prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses; it’s how you wash your hands. ||Children who gain weight quickly during their first six months are more likely to be obese or at risk of obesity by age 3 ||Never pick up your infant by the hands or wrists as this can put stress on the elbows. Lifting under the armpits is the safest way ||Alternate the first breast you offer at each feed ||Every milestone is an accomplishment, but it means your child is more independent and needs you a little less ||There are parenting mistakes that are harmless. When in doubt, ask your pediatrician ||
Allergy proof your house

If you have an allergy, take simple steps to keep your home free from common allergens. These steps can decrease your exposure to these allergens and consequently reducing allergy and asthma symptoms.

Entire house

1. Temperature and humidity. Try to avoid Hot, humid houses since they are breeding grounds for dust mites and mold. Clean or replace small-particle filters in air conditioners at least once a month.

2. Infestations. Control cockroaches and mice with traps. If that's not effective, hire a professional exterminator.

3. Smoking. Don't allow smoking anywhere inside your house.

4. Bed and bedding. Encase pillows and mattresses in dust-mite-proof covers. Wash sheets, pillowcases and blankets at least once a week in hot water.

5. Flooring. Remove carpeting and use hardwood flooring or washable area rugs. If that isn't an option, use low-pile instead of high-pile carpeting and vacuum weekly with a vacuum cleaner. If you have allergies, either wear a dust mask or get someone who doesn't have allergies to do this job.

6. Curtains and blinds. Use washable curtains made of plain cotton or synthetic fabric.

7. Furnishings. Choose simply designed, easy-to-clean chairs, dressers and nightstands made of leather, wood, metal or plastic. Avoid upholstered furniture.

8. Pets. If you can't find a new home for your dog or cat, at least keep it out of the bedroom. Bathing pets at least twice a week may reduce the amount of allergen they shed.

9. Windows. Close windows and rely on air conditioning during pollen season. Clean mold and condensation from window frames and sills.

10. Plants. Find a new home for potted plants or spread aquarium gravel over the dirt to help contain mold


1. Stove. Install and use an exhaust fan to remove cooking fumes and reduce moisture.

2. Sink. Wash dishes daily. Scrub the sink and faucets to remove mold and food debris.

3. Refrigerator. Wipe up excessive moisture to avoid mold growth. Discard out-of-date food.

4. Cabinets and counters. Clean cabinets and countertops with detergent and water and store food in sealed containers.

5. Food waste. Place garbage in a can with an insect-proof lid and empty trash daily.


1. Tub. Towel-dry the tub and enclosure after use. Scrub mold from tub and faucets. Clean or replace moldy shower curtains and bathmats.

2. Toilet and sink. Scrub mold from plumbing fixtures. Repair leaks

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