Newborns are expected to lose some weight after delivery due to fluid loss. Don’t worry ||Reflux is common in newborns. Most babies outgrow reflux between the time they are 1 and 2 years old ||Don't allow your pet on the couch while you are holding baby. This makes dogs bigger and taller in relation to your infant and may encourage aggression. ||In case of eczema, use mild, unscented body and laundry soaps. Pat baby's skin dry; don't rub ||By rising the temperature, the body can stop a virus's ability to grow. That's why we get fevers ||Set aside time for your partner and share what's happening in each other's life ||Plan for regular family meals. Enjoy being together as a family and give a chance for everyone to decompress from the day ||Preservatives, fragrances, harsh soap, rough fabric, sweat, and stress can be potential irritants for babies suffering from eczema ||Until your baby is 6 months old, he'll get all the hydration he needs from breast milk or formula, even in hot weather ||Wash your hands thoroughly and frequently. It’s not the type of soap that prevents the spread of bacteria and viruses; it’s how you wash your hands. ||
Tummy Time


“Tummy time” is the amount of time babies spend lying on their stomachs while they are awake. Since the early 1990s, pediatricians have strongly recommended that babies sleep on their backs to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). But they also stress that babies need to spend time on their stomachs while they are awake and supervised.

One reason for “back to sleep, tummy to play” is to develop a baby’s motor skills. These include lifting their heads, rolling over, sitting up, balancing, crawling, and walking. Increasing the amount of time your baby lies on his or her tummy promotes muscle development in the neck and shoulders; helps prevent tight neck muscles and the development of flat areas on the back of the baby’s head.

While babies are awake, they should be placed in a variety of positions as soon as they return home from the hospital. Yet lately, parents are using car seats that serve as infant carriers. Many of these fasten directly into strollers and swings so parents don’t have to remove their baby from the seat.

Tummy time also helps shape a baby’s skull, as the back of babies’ skulls can flatten if they spend too much time spent on their backs. The combination of babies sleeping on their backs and spending time in infant carriers puts pressure on the head, which can flatten their skulls.

Tummy time can be a great playtime to bond with your baby. Just remember that it should always be supervised so that you never leave your baby alone on his tummy. Check this link for an APTA brochure that provides activities to help ensure that babies get enough tummy time throughout the day.


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